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Deaf puppy, Rosie, doing great in her new home.

Who we are:

DRSWV has been involved in Dalmatian rescue since late 1999. We have taken in over 1500 Dalmatians and a few other breeds, including helping with a few puppymill seizures.  Many of our Dalmatians have been deaf dogs and we proudly work with some reputable breeders who are no longer euthanizing their deaf puppies. 

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If you are interested in adopting, we do have an adoption process.  You can complete our online application at the link below.  You do not need to apply for any particular dog, but do let us know if there is a dog you are interested in.  Please keep in mind that we are all volunteers and work full time positions outside of the rescue, but we will get back to you as soon as possible.   Also, please understand that we may get 10 applications for each dog.  Our goal is to match up the right dog with the right family. 


Jem is a sweetheart of a dog with the right person.  He is looking for a country home with no young children. Why?  He is 85 pounds and doesn't know his own strength. He doesn't do well in a "city" environment because he is too protective of his owner...especially a female one.  He wants to be protective and he is a handful for an inexperienced handler to control.  If you are looking for a loyal "big boy" to watch your place and keep you safe, Jem is your boy.  He is not aggressive and warms up to everyone he meets.  He just doesn't like anyone running towards his owner.  We love this big guy!  Click his picture for more information. 

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Dalamatian Rescue of Southwest VA