Dalmatian Rescue earns donations every time
                                 you search the web                 Please take a few minutes and click this link to
                                sign up at  Every time you shop online
                                at one of the 520+ stores, including Petco, ebay
                                and Petsmart, a percentage of your purchase is
                                donated to our rescue group.   To date, we have
                                raised over $300 through this donation program. 
                                It costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time. 
                                Please help us help the Dalmatians by signing up at
                         These small donations add up quickly!

ModernDog            Subscribe to Modern Dog Magazine.  Modern Dog magazine
                                         is a quarterly publication dedicated to urban dogs and their
                                         companions! For each subscription to Modern Dog Magazine,
                                         a $5 donation will be made to  Dalmatian Rescue.
                                         You can subscribe online here. Be sure to enter VA167
                                         where it says "code".            A new breed of bed for every dog

Universal Export    Universal Export Ltd is based in Baltimore, MD and is the
                                        largest manufacturer of Eurostyle decals with over a thousand
                                        designs and growing, and sales worldwide.

Where Your
Purchase Helps Support Rescue!
Where Your Purchase Helps Support Rescue!